No matter how important professional skills are, it is personal attributes that decide whether or not you’ll reach the heights of success. Most employers on paper demand soft skill but honestly, they are looking for personal attributes hidden behind those soft skills and that drive those soft skills. For example unless and until you have curiosity you won’t have great listening skills unless you have punctuality, you won’t know the importance of time management. Thus it’s all related but without personal attributes, you won’t have soft skills. Below are some personal attributes your employer is looking for.

· Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity is the main attribute an employer looks for, if you can’t be trusted then there’s no point in getting you on the team. An employee has to deal with various sensitive information and also sales and if the employee is not honest and has no integrity, there are chances that the employee may get involved in a fraud and dishonesty is contagious it may encourage other employees to get involved in the fraud too.

· Empathy

This attribute is required especially when working in a team or working as a team leader. Empathy is all about imagining yourself in someone else’s shoes or looking at things from their perspective and understanding their emotions and standing by them. Empathy is very necessary to bond with the team members and help each other when required.

· Flexibility and adaptability

From changing the working culture to changing technology, everything changes so quickly these days. Therefore every employer sees that the individual is flexible enough to adjust in any kind of situation quickly and adapt to the changes as soon as possible so that the productivity is not compromised.

· Responsibility

If you are not responsible there’s no company that will give you. If you are given some task it’s your responsibility to complete it on time and without any error. No matter how you do it or get it done from someone else, you must be responsible to complete it.

· Generosity and kindness

Generosity makes the world around you warmer, which everyone appreciates. And if you believe in karma, you believe that generosity will come back to you in all sorts of ways you can’t see. Being generous and kind is a good moral value and someone who has it is a good human too. So who doesn’t want a good human on their team?

· Diligence

Diligent people do their lesson right. They not only pay attention to details, but they work hard to get the details right. This personal attribute can show up in everything from how you dress to how you schedule your days.

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