· Talk about your day

There are going to be times when you have a stressful day at work or you might feel overwhelmed by work. These situations might affect your mental health but talking about it to someone can help you a lot to deal with the stress. You can talk about it with your partner or friends or even colleagues at work but talk about it to maintain your mental health.

· Set achievable goals

Don’t set goals that are higher than your capacity. Set goals which are achievable according to your capacity. Setting an unachievable goal will only cause failure and thus mental stress and anxiety. Therefore, do what comes in your limit and take no pressure of anything whatsoever.

· Take your breaks

Make breaks your priority, even if you are burdened with work take your break, you can reduce the time of your break but don’t skip it. The break is necessary to relax your mind and body. Eat something, drink coffee or tea and refresh yourself., so that you are able to work with the same grit again and don’t feel tired. Whenever you feel bored or tired or stressed out, take a break!

· Stay away from negative people

Draw your personal boundaries at work. Keep negative colleagues away from you to keep your mental health intact and your environment positive. Learn to say no, when you are purposely overburdened with work that doesn’t belong to you. To stay mentally fit, you must learn to speak up for yourself whenever you feel, you are being tortured or overwhelmed.

· Maintain work-life balance

Maintaining work-life balance is very much important to have a healthy find. You must enjoy your life outside of work. Stop spending all your days and hours at work. You must have some me-time so that you take care of yourself including your mental health. You work hard only so that you can enjoy your life, so what’s the point if you can’t balance your work and life.

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