What is kindness?

Kindness is a value, a virtue or a quality that every person should possess. Kindness can be considered as an act of generosity, compassion, consideration or concern for others. Showing kindness is a selfless deed where you don’t really expect anything in return. Being kind towards other people is what the world needs right now. Kindness is often related to weakness but it takes strength and courage to be kind because not many people are able to do it nowadays.

Since birth, we have experienced kindness from our parents were kind enough to nurture us, to provide us with our necessities but unfortunately, some people forget to imbibe kindness in their behaviour. Some people don’t show the same kindness to their parents when they become old and dependent. It’s easy to talk about changing the world but no one remembers “charity begins at home”. The change you want to bring in the world, first, it should be brought in your home.

How kindness changes our lives?

Kindness impacts the lives of both, the person who was kind and the person who received kindness. One act of kindness can last for a lifetime. Kindness impacts our lives positively in many ways.

· Kindness creates happiness among people. Your small help can bring a smile on their faces, that will last very long.

· It improves your health as it brings satisfaction and peace to you.

· Kindness helps you build new relations and improve old relations.

· It benefits more the giver than the receiver and enhances their mental and emotional well being.

· Being kind reduces stress and anxiety, as it releases feel-good hormones.

Be kind and you’ll be happy.

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