Motivate yourself via these quotes of divine personality Sadhguru.

· Too many people are hungry not because there is dearth of food. It is because there is dearth of love and care in human hearts.

· If you resist change, you resist life.

· Love is your quality. Love is not what you do. Love is what you are.

· People have fallen in love with words and lost the world. It’s time to regain it.

· If you think you are big, you become small. If you know you are nothing, you become unlimited. That’s the beauty of being a human being.

· You have too much social influence upon you. You are not going by your own nature. People do so many nonsensical life-negative things because they don’t want to be left out of the scene around them.

· The quality of your life depends on how well you manage your body, your mind, your emotion, your situations, your home, your communities, nations, your life in general and the world.

· The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life.

· The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it.

· Confidence and stupidity are a very dangerous combination, but they generally go together.

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