Boredom is not really a good feeling and why should one feel bored. You must always try to be productive and keep doing things. If your boredom gets converted to laziness then you’ll never be able to come out of it. So whenever you feel bored look around and do something productive, even if it’s digging into your own life and thinking about your actions, whether you need to change anything in your behaviour etc. Here are some activities you can do when you are voted and be more productive.

· Clean your room

Except for people with OCD, almost everyone’s room is a mess, with clothes, books and other stuff lying around there’s hardly any place to move in many people’s room. We often are not interested in decluttering our room but when you are bored then why not. At least you’ll spend time doing something productive. So one activity you can definitely do is clean your room, your cupboard or other places in your house. It is not only going to take away your boredom but also going to give you a mental satisfaction when you look at the clean and neat room. So do it!

· Learn something new

One must always keep learning, we have always been told. But with busy life we forget when should we exactly learn something new, the only answer to this is when you are bored. When you have nothing else to do, learn something new. It not only prevents you from wasting time but also improves your skills and knowledge.

· Try some art

Let your creativity out, everyone is creative you just didn’t ever try. So give it a shot! If you are bored be creative and create some art, it can be anything a painting, sketching, craft, writing, etc. Whatever you want to try your hands at doing it when you are bored. It’s a great way to get your mind engaged and refresh yourself.

· Learn or try cooking

If you don’t know cooking yet, learn it in your free time or in fact, the time when you are bored. And if you know there’s always something more to learn about cooking so try new recipes. Cooking is a skill, everyone should know and therefore never waste time instead cook good food

· Practice self-care

When you have time in your hands, why not spend it for yourself. We often tend to neglect self-care, so practice self-aware activities when you are bored, like getting a hot shower, exercising, getting a massage, eating good food, etc. Self-care is very important for your physical as well as mental health.

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