“The simple secret of happiness. Whatever you are doing, don’t let past move your mind; don’t let future disturb you. Because the past is no more, and the future is not yet. To live in the memories, to live in the imagination, is to live in the non-existential. And when you are living in the non-existential, you are missing that which is existential. Naturally you will be miserable, because you will miss your whole life.”
— Osho

Who is Osho?

Rajneesh, also known as Acharya Rajneesh, Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, and later as Osho, was an Indian godman, mystic, and founder of the Rajneesh movement. During his lifetime he was viewed as a controversial new religious movement leader and mystic. He also gave “Osho” a meaning, adding, “Oceanic describes the experience, but what about the experiencer? For that we use the word ‘Osho.’”

His thousands of hours of extemporaneous talks, spoken to people around the world over a twenty-year period, are all recorded, often on video – that can be listened to anywhere by anyone.

What is his secret of happiness?

According to Osho, the secret of happiness is you must live in the present. He says, whatever you do don’t let your past or future affect you and your present. He says, past is in memories and future is in imagination and both of them do not exist physically. So, when you live in past or future you miss on the present and what physically exists and therefore you’ll be sad and depressed about life.

Further, He believes that happiness can never be chased or aimed. Instead of considering it as an object that you can obtain, consider it as a natural consequence to your actions. Thought and reasoning about happiness won’t do you any good either but will take you further away from it. He suggests, rather focus on your actions and what work you do, as happiness is a by-product of what you are working on. If you are working honestly and satisfied with what you do, happiness will come to you.

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