Do you ever wonder why places with natural beauty make us so overwhelmed with happiness and peace?? We have been learning the importance of planting trees since school days, but do you ever think of executing the Idea? Mostly, we don’t. Let us understand how trees can be beneficial to our health: –

  • As we all know that trees give out oxygen and consume carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Staying in close proximity to these oxygen releasing trees helps us breathe fresh air.
  • They provide you or your house with a shield that does not allow the sun to pass. This keeps you chilled and fresh in warm weather.
  • If you stay in place, subject to high noise pollution trees can help in toning it down a little. They act as a barrier between you and the source of the noise.
  •  If you have a tree that provides you with fruits, that gives you another advantage. Who doesn’t enjoy some fresh untreated juicy fruits?
  • Not just physical advantages but trees also provide you with emotional benefits. We tend to possess a calmer and patient approach to everything if we stay in an area covered with trees.
  • Trees also make the place look naturally beautiful and captivating. It only makes us peaceful and eternally happy!!
  • Some herbal or medicinal trees can be beneficial for a smooth living. Tulsi, Neem, Eucalyptus are some of the trees that provide medical advantages.

There are unlimited ways in which trees are beneficial to mankind. A common medicine such as aspirin is made by willow bark. This is why environmentalists and scientists have been warning humans to plant more trees. Excluding that fact, we can at least plant trees for our benefits.