Underestimating the power of communication

Leaders never underestimate the power of communication. They know communication is the key. An organisation doesn’t matter how big or small cannot bring success in whatever it does without proper communication. So never ignore the communication part.

· Expect everything to be perfect

A bad leader will always want every person who works for him to be perfect and all things should go as planned. But in life, not all things go as planned and no one is perfect not even a leader. So a good leader never assumes himself to be perfect not he expects his team to be perfect.

· To be reactive and not proactive

Being reactive is the worst mistake a leader can do. Being reactive means not preparing for problems beforehand. A leader must always think and act from future point of view. Being proactive means anticipating problems and planning for their solution from now. This helps you grab opportunities in future.

· Condone advices

A bad leader would avoid listening to advice from other people. Due to his ego issues, he might miss on something important. A successful leader always would want to listen to advises from others to follow it or not is up to him.

· Assigning people wrong roles.

A good leader always appoints the right people for the right job. Assigning people with wrong roles will be a great mistake because they cannot yield results as they would if they had been doing a suitable job.