· You only live once

“Diving is like meditation. Insaan ko apni EkEk saans, EkEk pal ka ehsaas hota hai. Just imagine agar hum apni saari zindagi aise hi jee sakte. Be fully alive to each and every moment.”

The important message this movie wants to give is that life doesn’t happen twice, you only live once. So live the best you can.

· Overcome your fears

“Apne andar chupe dar ko mitana chahte ho na? Toh ye raha hum sabka sabse bada darr – “Maut”. Let’s face it.” It’s important to overcome our fears and the only way to do it is to face your fears. Hrithik Roshan who was afraid of water overcomes his fear by diving. If we don’t overcome our fears our fears begin to control our lives. So go ahead and face your biggest fear.

· Your work is not your life

“Apne kaam ko apni life ke saath confuse mat karo. Tumhara kaam tumhari life nhi, sirf uska ek hissa hai.”Many of us forget to maintain work life balance. You work so that you can have a better life then what’s the point of working so much that you can’t enjoy your life. The movie also teaches you to be happy and do what makes you happy. “Jab itna kuch achieve kiya hai toh kya khush ho? Agar aaj bhi kisi cheez ki kami mehsoos hoti hai toh woh kya hai. Un cheezon ke liye waqt nikalo jinse sachmuch tumhe khushi milti hai.”

· You can’t hide anything from friends

You can’t hide anything from your friends. They know things about you which are not even known by you. They understand all your emotions and they are always there for you no matter what. Real friends never leave your side.

· Live in the moment

“Seize The Day My Friend … Pehle Is Din Ko Poori Tarah Jiyo, Phir Chalis Ke Bare Mein Soochna…”it’s important to live your life to the fullest now. Don’t wait for tomorrow to enjoy your life because you never know when is your last day. So enjoy each moment as it would be your last. Do what makes you happy, do what scares you. Do everything you wanted to do in future, do it now!

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