Every¬†childhood is filled with imaginary characters and fantasies. One of the best parts of childhood is watching cartoons. Cartoons make us happy and laugh with all the silly moments in the cartoons. It’s a fact, that many adults also prefer watching cartoons over series and other dramas, the child within them always wish for it. Cartoons are so effortlessly humorous, adorable, simple, and colorful, and silly yet meaningful and have many things to teach to the kids.

A decade ago in the 90s in our childhood, we wouldn’t miss on a single episode of the famous cartoons which were available on the television. There were no phones, internet, or any other games just television cartoons and us.

Cartoons are an integral part of the growth of the kids. They are funny but also meaningful and the kids love to watch it effortlessly and learn things from it. Cartoon creators always look at creating something that can motivate kids and also make them learn values and good habits of life.

Check out these cartoons that made your childhood of the 90s awesome! Surely will make you feel nostalgic!

  • Tom & Jerry

The perfect cartoon for everyone, in which Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse always get into fights and how they make fun of each other.

  • The Looney Tunes Show

The great combo of bugs bunny, daddy the duck, and tweety bird was amusing to watch

  • Popeye- the sailor man

Popeye, the sailor man who kept eating spinach was a great way for moms to trick their kids into eating their greens regularly

  • Oswald

Oswald, the octopus was a delightful cartoon, where a well-disciplined Oswald is shown with his dog Winnie and their great life stories

  • Make way for Noddy

Noddy, a toyboy staying in a toy house and a toy car who is a respectable citizen of the town and does a lot of adventures.

  • Teletubbies

Teletubbies are imaginary creatures in an imaginary world having their time together with their siblings

  • Richie Rich¬†

A boy named Richie who was rich, honorable, had many cars, and lived in a bungalow always took kids into a dreamworld

  • The mickey mouse show

Mickie mouse, the most famous Disney character of all time was a talking mouse who lived in an imaginary world and was always having fun with friends

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