Ever had the desired attraction towards someone but you know it’s not loved? Want to have friends with benefits relationship?

Friends with benefits is a modern which is coined, where friends are involved in a sexual relationship with any attachments or romantic relationship. In this kind of relationship, there is physical intimacy but no emotions or romance involved. For such a relationship to succeed you need to choose a partner wisely who is at the same phase as you are. Friends with benefits is a great idea of having sex and not think of anything serious or any future with them. But it is quite natural to fall in love or generate emotions for the people you are intimate with and later lead to confusion and even heartbreaks.

Such kind of relationship must be conducted with the person you trust and know that they won’t be catching feelings. Friends with benefits relationship don’t last more than 5 weeks and usually has boundaries to set and maintain. Once that particular friend is your friends with a benefits partner you can’t rely on them as the only friend or search them when you need some shoulder to cry on.

Here are few rules to maintain once you get into such friends with benefits kind of situation-

  •        Stay neutral with emotions

Stay neutral with the emotional part in this FWB relationship, know the fact that this relationship is only for fun and you aren’t looking for anything in the future.

  • Do not cuddle after sex

Cuddling is a gesture that shows how much you care for that person, in such FWB relationship avoid the step of cuddling to set some boundaries for the same.

  • Choose wisely

Choose a partner whom you trust and know the fact that they are looking for the same kind of relationship from you. Set your rules and make decisions on equal grounds.

  • Never sleepover with them

Come back home, after having sex, never stay back. This can lead to attachment and you talking about sex, which should be strictly avoided.

  • Always use protection

Relationship or friends with benefits relationship, protection is a must. Just because the relationship isn’t real or genuine doesn’t mean you avoid wearing condoms. Condoms are a must for protected sex.


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