Every one of us has experienced stress. People are stressed out in their job, relationship or personal life. When things don’t go the way we want to we start getting anxious and stressed. Whether it is good stress or bad stress, excess of anything is harmful and thus you must relieve your stress from time to time. Meditation, exercise etc. are all great ways of relieving stress but try these quirky ways to release stress and I assure you it will be a far better experience than meditation.

· Get a massage

A massage therapy is the best way to release your stress. Stress can cause muscle tension, where the muscles around your neck, shoulder and back tighten up due to pressure. Massage is a great way to release these tightened muscles as it promotes blood circulation. Moreover, massage also makes us feel good and thus reduces our stress.

· Listen to pleasant sound

Music! There’s strong healing power in music and no one can deny that. Avoid listening to loud noises as it can aggravate stress. Take a day off from work and travel to some quiet place and just listen to nature or calm and peaceful music on your mobile. On regular days, when you are working to avoid getting stressed out, opt for noise-canceling headphones and have regular noise detox sessions by visiting a nearby park or zen garden.

· Clean your home

Cleaning your home and rearranging things or redecorating your home can help you stay away from negative and stressful thoughts and the results will make you feel much better and improve your mood which will indirectly reduce your stress. Having a mess-free house is quite satisfying and can keep you optimistic.

· Dance

When stressed dance it out. Turn on your favourite music and get yourself moving. Whether you can dance or not dancing makes everyone happy and everyone enjoys the moment. Often engage yourself in dancing. It is not only good for your mental health but also great for your physical health.

· Eat something crunchy but healthy

Eating can release stress and especially if the food is yummy and crunchy. However see that your good is not unhealthy and you don’t indulge in binge eating. There are many healthy snack items and you must eat them when stressed. Specially, dark chocolate is said to release stress and tension.

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