· Moving out of the house

Moving out of the house can be a life-changing experience and a milestone for many of us. Leaving your life on your own rules, being independent is the experience everyone must observe. It can be exciting as well as saddening as henceforth there won’t be protective wings around us. But leaving independently can teach us many things like hard work, the importance of saving money etc.

· Opening your first paycheck

It’s an overwhelming experience for many of us. Earning your real money with your own hard work can be really exciting. Even if the amount is petty, it’s very much satisfying because it’s completely and entirely yours.

You have earned it and can spend it as you wish, but earning also teaches the importance of saving and finance management.

· Failing

Failing and reaching the rock bottom is the milestone you should achieve because unless you fail you won’t understand the importance of success. Failure is the stepping stone to success. People who get success without failure can hardly handle it. Once you learn to interpret your failure you can easily overcome them.

· Falling in love and breaking your heart.

There’s nothing like the first love, that feeling is beautiful when you experience it for the first time. But hardly any of us make it to forever with our first love. First love mostly happens in teenage, when we are hardly matured hence there are many chances of getting our heartbroken. And the first heartbreak is very painful but we learn to deal with it and fall in love again. Through heartbreak, life teaches us that time definitely heals every wound.

· Dealing with the death of love one’s

At some point in life, we all have to face death if our loved ones. It’s a sorrowful experience but we have to grow through it because life moves on. The first experience of someone’s death show as dear to us can change our perspective of life entirely. You learn the impermanence of life and that we are on this earth temporarily. We also learn to value the people around us.

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