The daily hustle and bustle and the everyday pressures in life can make you feel anxious. Even though antianxiety drugs can free you from anxiety they come with many side effects.

Here are some of the natural ways to free yourself from anxiety.

1. Exercise

Although, the exercise would be last on your mind when you are anxious but it is a natural solution for anxiety. Engaging yourself in physical activity produces the endorphins and serotonin levels in the body which makes you feel better.

2. Cut your caffeine intake

Caffeine may boost your energy levels but it might worsen your anxiety when you are under pressure. If you don’t want to give up on your caffeine intake then you can consume it in moderation. It is recommended to resort to herbal tea to calm your mind and nerves.

3. Normalise saying no

If you overwhelm yourself with others’ personal problems when you already have yours on the plate, you are only going to raise your anxiety levels. You should help others by taking your limits into consideration and do not be afraid to say no.

4. Live in the moment

You can’t control your future and change your past. So stop worrying about tomorrow and your past mistakes by raising your anxiety. Learn to live in the present. It is proven that meditation and mindfulness can help you live in the moment and ease your anxiety. You can be free from anxiety even without medication, all you need to do is make some changes to your thoughts and lifestyle.

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