Body positivity means all human beings should have a positive body image. It means to accept our bodies and that of others as well.

Here are the ways to embrace body positivity.

1. Positive affirmations

You can practice self love by speaking out aloud some positive affirmations. Daily, give yourself the affirmations that you need. Say kind things to yourself looking in the mirror or by sticking sticky notes on your bedside table. Search for self love and body positive mantras.

2. Think healthy

Do not set a fitness goal based on the body scale you want to see, instead set the one which is healthy for your body. Exercise and a healthy diet is a way of showing respect to your body and not a punishment.

3. Focus on things that you like about yourself

Whenever a negative thought about your body crosses your mind, replace it with a positive one. Make a list of all the things you like about your body. Do not judge it based on the looks but think what all things it allows you to do.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others

All people are different and they come in different sizes and shapes. That itself makes them unique and beautiful. When you compare yourself with others, you feel as if you shouldn’t look the way you look. Do not forget that you are not meant to look like others.

5. Cut off negative self talks

Your body doesn’t deserve verbal abuse from anybody, especially you. You should treat your body with love and care like you’d treat a friend.

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