All the schools and colleges have been shut down due to the pandemic and still, nobody knows when it will resume. But that doesn’t stop our education system from teaching the students. Every school now is resorting to teaching over the internet. It is new and difficult for all the teachers but it is a fun and happy experience for the kids. All those backbenchers and noisy students who constantly disturb the class with their antics are not restricted to just sit and listen.

Multiple platforms are now emerging with a different feature to teach over the internet. Google Suite, Zoom meeting and Microsoft too, has come up with software that allows users to learn and educate. It is a topic for discussion whether this type of learning is better or worse than practical classroom learning. Students studying in the classroom tend to learn and grasp better knowledge than over a video call. Additionally, teachers can see if any student is misbehaving or not paying attention. But considering the conditions of the outside world, online learning is currently the best option for students as well as teachers. After all, this is the future generation, we cannot put their lives at risk for better learning.

Google classroom is like Facebook or Instagram but for students only. Teachers can post important notices, notes, educational videos and much more on the timeline which then students can grasp later. With the ‘presenting screen’ option on the Google meet, you can display the pdf or document to the students and teach them everything you wish to just like teaching on a blackboard. You can provide students with Wikipedia links and YouTube links that help students to self-learn. Most importantly you can take exams and assignments on google classroom too. You can take online quizzes using google forms.

This is how everything is possible to teach and learn using the internet only. In the future even after the pandemic is over, people will resort to this system as a secondary option.