· Look for signs of emotional numbing

Observe yourself keenly and watch your activities when you are emotionally overwhelmed. Do you take the support of Alcohol or smoking? Do you indulge in binge eating? If you follow these traits when you are emotionally drained then you are affecting your health and your emotions are the reason behind it.

· Notice how you act

Notice of you act weird when you are overwhelmed, do you lash out at someone in an inappropriate way, do practice self-harm like burning yourself or scratching yourself. If you are practising any of these then yes, you are hurting your health due to your emotions. You must understand that this is not the right way to deal with difficult feelings.

· Look if there is any physical distress

It’s quite possible that when you are emotionally stressed the effects are shown on your body. There may be a headache or backache or any other pain or weird feeling in the stomach. Poor emotional wellness can jeopardize immunity, making you more susceptible to colds and infection. What’s more, chronic stress can also contribute to conditions like hypertension and stomach ulcers come due to emotional issues and are not good for your health. The physical distress caused can eventually affect your way of living.

· Notice if you find difficulty in concentration

Emotional wellness when not taken care of can cause chronic stress and even depression in the long term. It’s likely in such situations, you might find it difficult to concentrate as there are many things going on in your head which are mostly negative.

Therefore, poor emotional health can definitely affect your health, physical as well as mental health.

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