We never prepare ourselves as good as before going for an interview. Getting a job is the most important thing for us at that time. In that case, we have to be fully prepared, mentally as well as physically. We try to bring the best of us to the interview. Hence it is mandatory to carry all the important documents before entering the employer’s office. Here is a list of all the documents you might need: –

  1. CV/Resume – The first thing you will need is a well-developed resume. It contains all your academic achievements, project reports, work experience etc. It displays everything about your professional life. It must contain all the necessary information about you so that your interviewer doesn’t have to ask you more questions.
  2. Extracurricular activities certificates – If you participated in any of the extracurricular activities during school or college, you should carry your certificate for same along with you. Your employer needs to know your skills and abilities.
  3. Educational certificates – They may ask you to show you mark sheets of any exams. Carry all the mark sheets and passing certificates. Just mentioning your qualifications in a resume is not enough, you must carry some proof.
  4. PAN card – If you are interviewing for a finance sector job, you must carry a PAN(permanent account number) card with you. It helps the employer determine if you have a low credit score or whether you are a loan defaulter.
  5. Experience certificates – If you have already worked for a company before, carry your letter of recommendation or experience certificate with you. If you have performed a small-time internship include that certificate too.

Apart from these documents, if you have mentioned anything specific in the resume, make you take the required documents along with you as proof. Employers prefer to be confident about their choice and hence they only pick employees that deserve the position. Make sure you make them feel confident about choosing you.