Some people perform exceptionally well under extreme stress, and a certain degree of stress is required to drive yourself and succeed. However, you should remember to reward yourself in order to maintain your mental and physical wellness.

Treats may appear to be a frivolous, self-indulgent technique, but it is not. Treats can help you create healthy habits because they can be exhausting.

We feel energized, cared for, and happy when we give ourselves treats, which increases our self-control – and self-control helps us continue our healthy behaviors. Self-control was improved in persons who received a small reward, such as a surprise present or seeing an amusing video, according to studies.

1. Makes you happy

Dopamine is a chemical released by the brain when you give yourself a reward. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good and happy. As a result, you’ll be more motivated to complete the assignment. And because it makes you feel good, you will look forward to completing the task.

2. Positive reinforcement

You are more inclined to repeat an activity if it results in a favorable outcome. Positive reinforcement is the term for this type of behavior. Connecting your hard work to rewards efficiently not only provides you with a mental respite, but also drives you to perform more of it.

Treats can thus be used as a positive reinforcement to help you maintain your momentum and develop new habits.

3. You deserve it

You have earned yourself a treat because you have put in the effort. You should reward yourself if you have worked hard to achieve your goals and taken enormous action to achieve the results you desire.

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