We are the owner of our lives and only we ourselves have the power to deal with it. As we explore and encounter a variety of people we realize who has the power and who doesn’t. You should always have power over yourself. Having power by an association with someone is fine but having your own power would help you soar high.

You assign your power to your title in a company, your work defines you and not your own self. If you lose the job, you also lose your self-worth which should not be the case.

You can build power in life in the following ways; When you start learning and growing while facing challenges in life, you take a step towards achieving power.

Working towards achieving new skills and talents along with being honest and courageous about your weaknesses and working towards improving them is a way to build power in life.

You gain power in life when you try to find a new job rather than creating a ruckus about it in the office after losing that job. It functions in building new skill sets and you discover yourself and find peace. Self-confidence means power.

When you have power, you don’t grovel over things, instead, you bring everything at your feet. People often borrow power because they are unable to create it as they are let down by society.

You can build your power through career, spirituality, or voluntary work but the first step is to start. When you discover personal power you’ll find peace.

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