In our life, we often have come across bad memories as well as good memories, but even after a long time we sometimes tend to remember those memories, most of time we want to ignore the bad memories and try to forget them but when the good memories come back in our mind we feel really happy, we recall those memories and try to go back to those good memories. And the part of the brain which is responsible for keeping the memories of happy and good circumstances is called the hippocampus.

Here, let’s know about a small part of the brain hippocampus, which is responsible for happiness and good memories.

The hippocampus plays an important role in the formation and storage of recent memories as well as attaching certain feelings and sentiments to these memories. In the emotional brain network, the hippocampus is the main brain region and it plays an important role in social understanding and emotion processing in the brain.

When you feel satisfied or fascinating, various areas of the brain take part to understand, memorize, and repeat the action. Mainly, the hippocampus is responsible for spatial memory obtainment.

People may recall where such a feeling-good occurrence takes place and revisit the area to remember such a fascinating experience. However, stuff could get relatively problematic if the familiarity involves drug abuse, because if it includes such situations a person would try to go back to that situation to experience the past occasion.

The hippocampus also plays a role in providing to the growth of addictions. Because drugs and liquor influence the brain’s reward systems, the hippocampus builds memories of these enjoyable experiences.

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