Muslims always say “Salaam Alaikum,” which is Arabic for “peace be with you.” This alone demonstrates that Islam, like other religions, values the preservation of peace. They share our desire for world peace. According to one of the Islamic scholars, Islam is a peaceful religion. He further says that the Quran is the source of their tranquility and that another term for Allah is As-Salam, which also means peace.

Peace is implied in every verse of the Quran, whether it is stated directly or not. Muslims adhere to every single command in the Quran because they value it highly. They consider those remarks to be direct communication from Allah to his followers.

“Do not let your hatred of people incite you to aggression.” – Qur’an 5:3

This verse for Quran shows that Islam does not support aggression. It wants its followers to control their aggression and lead a peaceful life.

“Do not kill a soul which Allah has made sacred except through the due process of law.” – Quran 6:51

Muslims firmly believe that killing is one of the greatest sins and these sins are judged on the Day of Judgement. They think that human life is precious and is only justified under Islamic law.

“Therein they will hear no abusive speech, nor any talk of sin, only the saying, “Peace, peace.” – Qur’an 56:25-26

These verses alone assure its people that it is a believer in peace. There is no place for hate, negativity, revenge, or violence in the teachings of Islam. Muslims create peace of mind by remembering Allah.

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