Competition is always a part and parcel of life. We see competition everywhere, in each age group, in each religious group, in each part of the world. Healthy competition is always good but if you are losing your peace of mind, it’s a matter of concern.

Here we look at how to not lose peace of mind while being competitive.

If you are extremely ambitious and competitive and thus focus on your goals, you always look for perfection and in that situation, there are chances of losing the peace. If you are short-tempered, you need to control your emotions very well.

First, important thing is to calm yourself down in various ways, such as deep breathing, yoga, positive thoughts, sporting spirit, etc. Focus on self-achievement rather than being in comparison. Try to improve your last performance.

A dissatisfied mind and a restless mind is a sign that you are competitive. It is very difficult to keep a competitive mind at peace.

If you’re running a race of life on the same track, which is of many people around you, then competition is always there, as we are in a competitive era. Everyone has to accept that this is a special era where competition is everywhere and going to remain forever.

The human mind has always been competing and always suffering. Competition is a very raw thing and anybody and everybody who doesn’t have self-awareness are bound to be competitive. The competitive mind doesn’t worry about its own life, it’s more concerned about what others are doing.

Be in the competition is good, but run your own race, focus your energy on your lane and run with all you have. This will help you to find peace of mind in this competitive world.

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