Talk about a beautiful front yard and the details of any such yard are incomplete without flowers in it. It doesn’t matter which flower is planted in the garden, it somehow manages to make your garden attractive and pretty. It is safe to assume that a garden is incomplete without flowers planted in it. Why restrict the topic to gardens only, be it a birthday celebration or a funeral, flowers have always been a beneficial way to express our feelings effectively and confidently. Roses, which are also considered to be the flower of love make a proposal inadequate without a red rose in your hand. But how exactly are these flowers related directly or indirectly to our peace?

   Just looking at a flower gives plenty of satisfaction or the day. Beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, charming, delightful, attractive are the words often used while describing a flower. The colour of the flowers is so pure and natural that it feels mesmerizing. Walking through a garden full of flowers will make you feel like walking in heaven. But the beauty is not the only things that flowers excel in, it is also their strong fragrance. Each flower smells refreshing in a different way. Some flowers have a musky smell similar to perfumes and some flowers have a fading smell that feels wonderful to smell but is quite faint. Bees collect nectar from these flowers to give us honey. The smell of flowers is exactly what attracts butterflies, bees and other insects that feed on its nectar.

Maintaining such a garden full of flowers is surely back-breaking but doing so gives you immense satisfaction when you see tiny flower buds popping on the plant that you have been watering. Digging tiny pits to plant the flowers takes a good amount of energy which is a good exercise for your body. However, the beauty and attractiveness along with the wonderful scent or fragrance of these flowers are what give us inner peace.