It is safe to assume that almost every other person has faced a ‘Do or Die’ situation in his life. It is a situation or state of condition where you can either keep trying to solve your problem or accept your fate and get defeated. In sports, it means a game or match where if you don’t win you are out of the tournament. So, you have no choice but to win. In life, it is difficult to survive in some situations at times. Success doesn’t come to us easily.

Sometimes you cannot even afford to die in a do or die situation. Imagine a deadly predator chasing you and all you can do is outrun him to survive. If you give in to your tiredness you eventually die at the hands of the predator which you cannot afford since no one wants to die. All you can do is put a hundred percent effort and clear whatever obstacle you face. Giving up is never an option. Only working hard until your goals seem easy to achieve is the solution to everything. Soldiers fight wars based on this simple but true principle. They fight with all their hearts for keeping their nation safe even when they know that the enemy is strong. They don’t give up and stand their grounds. Because deep inside they know that if they don’t try, they will be dying anyway in which case they choose to die bravely.

What’s the worst that could happen if you don’t give in to your problems and keep trying? If you don’t, you will be facing the consequences any which way. Then why not keep trying in the hopes of finding a way out. If you give up and don’t try, you fail to create an opportunity for you to win.