We cannot stop being ill or sick using money, no matter how rich one is, he cannot avoid illness with money. We can surely treat the illness but the only way to avoid getting sick is a healthy body with a strong immune system to fight off viruses. The relationship between staying healthy and being happy is simple. No one chooses to be sick or unhealthy. Nor is anyone ever happy with getting sick, unless it gives you a day off from school or office. Another reason to be sad about being unhealthy is staying in the bed and resting doing nothing else. A lot of people refer to this state as boredom!

Health is our ability to function without any complications. Health does not always refer to having a strong body and good physical strength, it also means staying mentally healthy as well. Combined good health is actually the real wealth. As arbitrated by the World Health Organization (WHO) World Health Day is celebrated on April 7th every year to spread awareness about physical and emotional health. The whole and sole purpose of this day are to remind people to take care of their health. Citizens lacked the knowledge in health importance a few years ago when harmful diseases used to spread easily since people followed ill-mannered practices of hygiene and self-care.

 All the wealth in the world cannot be enough if one is suffering from an incurable disease. However, a healthy immune system can give you a chance to fight off diseases. A balanced diet and exercising daily is important for healthy physic. Avoid consuming addictive substances and feed on healthy organic products. Make sure you consume all the required nutrients and vitamins required for the day. A healthy body is crucial to living a life free from worry and full of happiness.