“Be the reason someone smiles.

Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.”

1. Listen

Listening to someone’s problems, daily activities, stories, etc. is an act of kindness because there are only a few people who actually listen to us. Be one of them to someone. Everyone wants to be heard, we half our sorrows and double our happiness when we share them with someone. So, everyone needs an ear to listen and thus lend your ear to your close ones or sometimes even strangers.

2. Show Empathy

Don’t just listen to show empathy, try to relate with what the other person is saying. Emphasising with someone is an act of kindness everyone must perform. People these days have stopped feeling sad or happy for other people, everyone is busy with their own stuff but your empathy can help someone feel better and heal from the trauma they might be going through.

3. Compliment someone

The compliment should not necessarily be about the appearance, it can be for anything. You can compliment someone’s brain, efforts, actions etc. When we compliment someone it definitely makes them happy and brings a beautiful smile on their face. However, be genuine while complimenting and don’t just do it for the sake of doing it.

4. Help someone in need

Help someone in need, doesn’t matter if that someone is a stranger. If someone needs advice or guidance help them with that. If someone needs monetary help, do it. Help is a very vast topic and includes many things. To cut it short, help everyone around you who genuinely needs your help. Your small help can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

5. Take care of the environment

Taking care of the environment is not just an act of kindness towards nature but animals and humans and yourself too. Recycle whatever you can reuse as much you can. Do not litter, avoid using plastic as much as you can. Plant more trees, clean beaches, parks etc.

6. Speak kindly

Sometimes all you have to do is speak kind words. This is the least you can do to make someone feel better. Never abuse anyone, never be rude to anyone. Speaking kind words doesn’t take many efforts and thus you must never use unkind words.

7. Visit someone

Especially old people in old age homes. They are lonely and need someone’s love and care. Spending some time with them can make them feel better. Not just old age homes but also visit your grandparents or parents who might be feeling lonely and need someone to talk to them and take care of them be their favourite person.

8. Love

To love is kindness! Who doesn’t want to be loved? Everything we do and say is to be loved a little more. Being loved is one of the most amazing feelings and everyone deserves to be loved, so sincerely, with all your heart love someone.

9. Stand up for the right

Society faces many problems, there are many people receiving injustice in their day to day life. Stand up for something that seems right. It can be anything you are passionate about like social Justice, animal care, environmental issues, etc.

10. Forgive

Forgiveness is an act of kindness, it heals your mind, helps you let go but also helps someone who trespassed against you to move on and heal themselves. Always give second chances to people who make a mistake. Humans do make mistakes but that doesn’t mean they should be punished for their whole life, forgive and move one. It’s an act of kindness towards others and yourself.

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