We all must have heard or said that cricket is not just a game it’s an emotion. The only time when all the Indians come together as one, without any discrimination related to caste or religion is during a cricket match. This is why it is also common for people to say that cricket is not a game it’s a religion. Even though hockey is the national game of India, cricket is played more and attracts more attention than any other sport.

Reasons why cricket is the god of all sports in India: –

  • Childhood habit – Cricket has been played in India since decades now. Almost every little kid has a bat and a ball. Hence, all the elders teach their kids to play cricket primarily. So if you look at it, every child in India is born with a talent for cricket.
  • Simplicity – You don’t need expensive equipment to play cricket. A bat and a ball are all you need. This is why gully cricket is famous in India. However, a professional cricket kit is necessary to play seasonal cricket.
  • Emotional attachment – Every Indian cried out of happiness when the 2011 world cup was won; out of sorrow when we lost in semis in Champions Trophy (2019). After an impossible win against West Indies in 1983 in the finals, every Indian has felt an emotional connection to the game.
  •  Role models – India may still be a developing nation in all other aspects, but it has created some of the world’s finest cricketers, one of whom is also known as the God of Cricket, namely Sachin Tendulkar. The world number one Batsman (Virat Kohli) and the world number one bowler (Jasprit Bumrah) are both Indians too. Another reason why every child wants to be a cricketer like them.
  • World Dominance – India’s BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) has established itself as a dominating governing board in the cricketing world. It is financially strong and well organised to keep the Indian Cricket team at the top in everything.
  •  IPL (Indian Premier League) – IPL is a professional limited-overs cricket championship that has a huge hand in bringing the upcoming young talents in the limelight. It is the world’s biggest cricket tournament.
  • Sachin Tendulkar – If cricket is said to be a religion then Sachin has to be God. He changed the way of cricket in India. He has to be the biggest reason why the youth is mad for cricket. This generation was lucky to experience the class and talent he showed while playing. We can still hear the chants of “Sachin!!! Sachin!!!” in our minds when we hear his name.

India is improving, it is slowly advancing in every feature and moving forward towards development. But cricket is one of the fields that India has already mastered. There is a huge competition in your way if you look forward to being a cricketer. No other game in the world can match the excitement level and enthusiasm people have in a cricket stadium. This is why cricket is a religion followed by every Indian!!