The time between childhood and adulthood is youth, age 18 to 24. At the age of 18 years, teens get excited as well as worried about their future. It is a phase where they tend to discover their true self.

It is the age which involves taking a lot of decisions after their graduation and they are in a constant mode of thinking and planning their life.

Let’s find out why the age between 18 years to 24 years is known as the age of temporariness.

1. Meet Temporary People

This is the age where you meet a lot of temporary people. The people you encounter at this age give you various life lessons and motivate you to make better life decisions.

They are only in your life for a temporary period of time.

2. Fosters Their Growth

As youths grow, they realise the person they want to become. They start gaining a clear vision of their future life.

Youths tend to unconsciously leave the people and things behind that no longer contribute to fostering their growth.

3. Validation and Acceptance

This is a period of mental, physical and emotional developments and hence, youths feel the need for constant validation.

They wish to be socially accepted.

4. Discover Your True Self

Age 18 to 24 years is an age of exploration. Youths are in a phase of finding their true identity and true self. They often experience multiple emotions leaving them in daze.

Their feelings get juggled as they work towards building their future.

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