Being good at more than one thing is not something special, it is quite normal for many of us. Some of us can dance and sing well at the same time. Some can paint or create something using artistic talents. Some cricketers can be good bowlers as well as batsman, hence they are referred to as all-rounders. Similarly, we can all be all-rounders in some or the other way. But how does it affect our overall productivity? The old saying of ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ exhibit that the results can’t be positive.

             It is a figure of speech that refers to a person who practices multiple skills instead of emphasizing a single talent. If you are good at something, focusing on other activities only reduces your grip on your special talent. You can’t play cricket, study well and do your hobby at the same time. Even if you somehow manage to do so, the results won’t be satisfying. It is best to hone and perfect your special talent and outstand from everyone in that particular skill. However, we cannot say that one cannot master more than one skill! Leonardo Da Vinci, famous artist who created Monalisa and many other artistic marvels, is a writer, engineer, mathematician, inventor, architect and sculptor. A single human with so many perfected skills. It is impossible to find someone like this in today’s time.

           In this modern competitive era, being extraordinary is what helps you make a place in the crowd. Possessing more than a single perfected skill can be highly beneficial. Such a person is referred to as a generalist or Multipotentiality. So, it for you to decide whether you wish to stick with a single honed skill or explore into mastering multiple talents. The latter requires showing sheer determination and perseverance. Honing more than one skill is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you do, the world could really use some generalists. The more the merrier. The more talents you possess more helpful you can be to a company and get hired instantly. That being said, this generation requires a better version of the saying ‘Jack of all trades master of none’. ‘Jack of all trades and master of all’ sounds about right!