The pandemic has affected everyone’s mental health and by everyone, we mean even children. As ours, even their life has drastically changed. They are not going to school, not being able to play outdoors, teenagers are unsure about their results and exams. The entire future is uncertain. In such situation depression can hit young people, depression doesn’t come with age and a valid specific reason. So it’s very important to keep a check on the young people at home.

· Create a safe environment at home

Creating a safe environment means taking care of each other, loving each other. It’s important that your kids find safe staying at home than outside, not only because of the virus but for other reasons too. Don’t abuse each other or your children, this will definitely affect their mental health. Have a happy environment at home, spend time together and have fun. They should not feel like they are missing out on something.

· School them at home

Education is vital. School your young kids at home. Buy their books if you can or search them online. We don’t know when the pandemic will end but education should not stop. Also, make sure that they have free time between their learning to have fun and play games.

· Spend time with your teenagers

You can’t school your teen kids but make sure to spend time with them. Talk to them about general topics. Teach them life hacks etc. Spending time with them will make sure that they are not feeling left out or lonely.

· Emotional check on them

Keep an emotional check on them. Frequently ask them how they are feeling, ask them to rate their feelings, rate their mood etc. If they seem sad ask them the reason do something to help them out.

· Talk about uncertainty

It’s important that you talk to them about the uncertainty of the future. They should be mentally prepared for anything that might come their way due to the pandemic. The year definitely is very much uncertain and worse by far. Mentally prepare them for the uncertainties about life and how to deal with them will surely help them in future.

· Validate their thoughts

Listen to them, listen to their thoughts and views about something. Don’t ignore their thoughts but validate them. Let them feel that they are being heard and that their views matter in the family.

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