There is no sweeter and more adorable bond between couples who understand and support each other emotionally. But not everyone has a gift to understand how others are feeling and know what to do. Just like Chandler from the famous TV show FRIENDS. He never understood or was good at comforting others emotionally but sure knew to be sarcastic. Just like that some of us are new or poor in understanding and acknowledging others’ feelings. Some of us are close and introvert type, who are nagged by our girlfriends to be more emotionally open and available.but we mess it up at times. Here are some tips to do it better: –

  • Understand your feelings – Before trying to analyse someone’s mind and try to know how they feel, try it on yourself. You cannot always pass on an emotional subject by making excuses or resorting to making jokes. You have to take time and know how you feel.
  • Be thrilled – Be happy and enjoyable for your partner. Start slowly by taking part in their happy moments. If you are confident also engage in sad times, nothing too serious. Remember you are still rookie.
  • Express subtly – It is not always about listening and supporting. Sometimes you too might be going through a rough patch in your life. Make sure you communicate your feelings to the person. You too have to let your partner inside your heart.
  • Seek attention – Your facial expressions or body language may sometimes not be enough for your partner to know your mood. They won’t acknowledge your feelings at such time. Make sure you express your unrest and ask for their help.
  • Trustworthy escape – If you don’t feel like talking about it with your partner, approach your best friend who you can trust. Vent all your feelings and express your distress. This will help you explain yourself to your partner since you already did it once. Once you are good at expressing you will become good at absorbing too.
  • No assumptions – If you are not sure about how someone feels try asking politely and honestly. Do not come up with your own assumptions an act by yourself. That will only irritate your partner furthermore.

Follow these tips and you can learn to be more mature and understanding the relationship. Slowly you will get better. Also, the fact that you are even trying to be more sensitive is positive. Keep trying and don’t give up.