Whether a person is dark or fair, fat or slim, has bad skin or good he or she deserves to be respected and treated with dignity. It is a social belief and a very strong one that any girl who is not a virgin is a whore or a promiscuous woman. Ironically a guy who loses virginity becomes a star and popular and is treated like a prince. Virginity is a personal state of an individual who hasn’t had sex ever before and once they do, we use the term ‘losing virginity’.

Marriage indeed is a celebration of love between two people, announcing the world that they both wish to spend their lives together in love and harmony. But it is vague to assume that marriage is a passport to have sex. Sex and marriage should be two separate entities, and neither should be a feature to judge a girl. Having sex and losing so-called virginity does not change one’s feelings and character. You cannot assume and make your own theories about how the girl lost her virginity. She may have been in love with a boy who used her, she may have trusted a boy little too much or she may be forced to be physical by a guy trying to be popular!!

It is definitely wrong to force you to accept someone and make you trust them. If you cannot accept a girl who has lost her virginity, it is fine, but first, take a good look at yourself. Make sure you have a pure soul before you raise concerns about others. Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex married an amazing woman named Megan Markle. She was married before and divorced later but that wasn’t something that bothered Prince from proposing her. She wasn’t a virgin but her character and soul were pure. And that is what the prince sees in her. We all need to have a broad and open-minded perspective like him. Because virgin or not, a human is still a human and always will be.