Almost everyone at least once must have feared or thought about the robot uprising. Robot army uniting against humans and making them servants and eventually bringing an end to humanity. This sounds too fictional to be true, but indirectly rising robotics and automation is highly reducing the need for humans. Every sector and every industry is constantly open for new technological upgrades that increase efficiency. At such, humans workers or employees are rarely required. Companies are willing to let go of their employees if a single software can do their part of the job in less time and more efficiently. Moreover giving up employees also lend a hand by eliminating the option to provide a salary.

Automation is one of the reasons why there is a large job scarcity. Maybe not the main reason, but surely it has a part in keeping the youth jobless for years. But how? Imagine an assembly line in a chocolate factory. The factory workers have to do complete the task of putting all the chocolates in a box in the right numbers. They also have to look out for defective or irregularly made pieces. It would require at least 7-8 workers for the assembly line to run smoothly without any interruption. Now the same task can be performed by a robotic arm that uses sensors to count the number of chocolates to go in a box and use pneumatic pressure to fish out the defective ones. This is how a single robotic arm replaces 8 good working employees.

And this is just an example from one industry. Since every industry wants to outstand the other and make maximum profit. A good company runs smoothly if it makes enough revenue at a particular time. And to achieve this goal, spending a little money as investment for automation is no big deal for the company. In a way, it is good that production time is reduced and the quality remains unaffected. But the qualified workers and youth are staying home unemployed, is what we should worry about. There is no way humans can stop depending on technology. The only thing we can do is think of ways to improve productivity without taking help from robots. Sounds difficult but still worth trying.