A relationship works on many essential factors. It is a mutual understanding where both individuals must invest their time, emotions, and self to successfully run the association. While understanding and meeting emotional needs is crucial to building a healthy relationship. And a partner should be able to understand them to fulfill them.

Emotional needs are our desires, expectations, love, and reciprocation for emotional connection. Meeting these needs requires creating a safe space, support, evolving, learning, communicating, and others to feel heard and understood.

To be able to understand the emotional need, one should know to identify them. Basically, emotional needs include security, validation, acceptance, love, togetherness, and support. These needs can be fulfilled easily through listening, empathy, and validation.

Not just that, meeting the emotional needs also requires Meena to be present in the tough times, listen attentively to what her partner is saying, be willing to offer support, and understand when it is needed and when not. This can be possible through accessible communication, honesty, trust, and the ability to listen.

In conclusion, understanding and meeting emotional needs is crucial for a good relationship. There should be a safe and supportive surrounding for the duo to grow and be able to share what they feel and are going through.