Happiness has become rare today, and everyone is just running to pursue their goals. However, living life to the fullest needs a person to be happy. There are several ways one can be happy. Having connections and social support are among them. Studies have shown that individuals with close relationships and social support are happier than those without involvement. Social links give a sense of contentment, purpose, and meaning, essential for overall wellness.

When individuals connect with others, they are more likely to feel positive, joyful, and happy. And these people are also better at handling stress and adversity as they can rely on their support system in difficult times. Social support can be in many ways emotional, informational, instrumental, etc. Emotional support means giving comfort, understanding, support, love providing help, and making one feel safe.

Social connections are essential for happiness. The close connection and contentment help one to feel good about the other. Communicating your issues and problems with people makes you feel safe and secure.

In conclusion, people with strong connections and are socially active are happier as things get easier to deal with, and they already learn to balance and accept things.