In any type of relationship, whether between a father and son, mother and daughter, sisters, friends, partners, or anyone, it is crucial to have trust. A relation build on trust stays forever and in every circumstance. While trusting is easy initially, once the person has broken the trust, it becomes tough to build that same trust again. So can you trust someone who has hurt you before?

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Rebuilding the trust can be difficult, and it may vary depending upon the circumstances. There is no ideal way to gain trust, but with the help of the below steps, you can try to do so.

1) Firstly, you should acknowledge your mistake and own your role. In this situation, blaming others or giving excuses just worsens the situation.

2) Once you accept your mistake, you should be willing to apologize for it before it’s too late. Don’t just say whatever you feel; try to understand the other person and their expectations.

3) When you plan to discuss the issue, ensure it’s a good time. Be very polite and generous while making an apology.

4) The most important thing is to listen actively. Don’t just listen for the sake of listening; try to understand and recognize.

5) Don’t be impatient and ask for instant response; give your partner enough time to think about things and process.

In conclusion, trusting someone again depends on person to person and the kind of bond the person shares.