Life is a journey where you meet thousands of people. Sometimes you connect, and sometimes you repel, but moving on remains constant. Different people come with different personalities, intentions, love, anger, etc. And it’s normal to expect good from others, but when sometimes they don’t, you should learn to move rather than hold grudges.

Why You Should Move On

When someone does not meet up to your expectations, or someone by mistake causes harm in any way, your reaction to that is valid, but holding that for too long can be unhealthy for you as well as for the other person. While moving can be relaxing and peaceful for your mental health. This will allow you to be happy without any hidden anger. Also, life is too short to hold grudges because you don’t know what is going to happen the next moment.

Also, when you hold grudges, you tend to keep yourself away from that person, irrespective of how close you are. And in this case, it might happen that, they must be suffering, and because of your anger, you don’t see their pain. You are in your world, don’t look for them. And it becomes too late when you realize it’s fine, as they have apologized. So before things get weird and can’t be resolved, try to move on with time and people. Everyone is born with some flaws; by helping each other, everyone can grow. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful things.