Being in a relationship is not just about having all good things happening in your life. When you choose to be with someone, it comes with many other responsibilities, like taking care of them emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. A relationship gets stronger and better when your partner shows support and encourages you when you feel dull. Supporting your partner during tough times is very crucial for a healthy relationship.

Check out things you should avoid saying when your partner is emotional.

“You’re Overreacting”

This line becomes a very hurtful thing to listen to. And when their partner invalidates their feelings with excessive words, it can be more frustrating. Rather say words that can comfort them and help them heal.

“Calm Down”

When you ask them to calm down, it makes them feel invalidated, so instead, you can wait and listen to them and acknowledge their emotions and whatever they feel like.

“I Told You So”

Do not try to call out their shortcomings or mistakes when they are emotional, as this will make them feel more upset and unsupportive. Try to understand their point of view and help them move on.

“It’s Not a Big Deal”

Minimizing their concerns will make them feel unheard. You should show your card and acknowledge their feelings to make them feel better.

“You’re Just Being Too Sensitive”

When you say this phrase, this breaks their heart into pieces as they start to feel low self-esteem. Go ahead and show your sympathy, support and make them feel free.

In conclusion, when such an emotional situation arrives, try to listen and understand your partner rather than saying anything that can hurt them.