We study hard from childhood until we become the best individual to get that dream job. In old times people used to get jobs with basic knowledge, but as technology increased, people have also grown, and today all those basic knowledge is very common, which you don’t need. Let’s check out the outdated skills to mention in your resume.

1) Typing Speed: Even though it is a skill that you still need to possess, you don’t have to mention it in your resume.

2) Fax: It’s been a while since you sent a fax to the fax machine. After the arrival of Email, it has become very rare to fax.

3) Research: One of the basic skills in every field does not need to mention in your resume. Also, this skill is promoted among individuals in schools.

4) Microsoft Office: Though it is a must thing to know, everyone must have learned this in school. But still, it is out to date to mention in your resume.

5) Telephone: The increased technology has made Operating a telephone easier. It is a skill to manage lines and transfer calls.

6) Email: Email has become a common thing now, and there will be very few who don’t have knowledge about it. So it is useless to mention it in your resume as it won’t help you in any way.

7) Outdated Technology: Depending upon the field you are applying for, there are skills that you need to mention in your resume.

8) Filing: It is the most common skill. You should know to file documents as per the importance.

9) Data Entry: This is a general skill today. Here you should know how to enter data into the computer.

10) Word Processing: The ability to type words in a document is now sorely outdated because it’s impossible not to learn this skill in modern times and have not utilized it.