You may be sitting in the workplace at the present time, or home on the sofa. Possibly you needed to get up early today as you do ordinarily to work or perhaps you just returned from a difficult day of classes.

You turn on the TV or the web and spend the remainder of the night observing some arrangement or surfing the net. At a certain point, your psyche begins to meander and you begin thinking, glancing back at your day, your week, your month, the previous year.

Abruptly you go to the acknowledgement that you have been doing likewise consistently, for quite a while. Wake up, go to work or school, returned and lounge around. Perhaps you are one of the more dynamic ones and fit in the exercise centre also. Perhaps you are even one of those tireless individuals who appear to be in control and hence you decide to do something productive with your life.

However, life is not that positive and funloving as you might be wanting. You may face a lot of personal as well as outside problems that make you want to quit what you re doing and go back to your lazy laid-back routine. Not just some things in your life, you might even start a business where you are trying your best to achieve something great and be successful but it is just not possible or happening in your favour. Nothing falls into its place and everything you started feels like a mistake. You feel like you have no option left and the only way out of this situation is to give up and get rid of everything. You think about giving up on your efforts and dreams and you may also think about choosing an easy boring life. But that certainly is not your endgame.

When no doors are open for you, that’s when you created your own door. If you think you are only capable of doing very little, you will never be able to grow yourself. If you think you have given your hundred per cent to achieve something and still not managed to be successful, then you probably haven’t given you 100% yet. You put it everything you have, your 100% only when you finally becoming successful. That ultimately means you have to keep trying until you achieve what you want to. Because if you never push past your limits, you will never learn what more you can do and you will never grow. Remember that you are your own competition and you have to beat yourself every day.