Getting cold or cough is very common during winters. Only a selected few are able to escape this infection season. In any case, cold and cough bring along constant sneezing and coughing. Sore throat or cough and runny nose are typically the main indications of a cold, trailed by coughing and sneezing constantly. A great many people recuperate in around 7-10 days. You can help lessen your danger of getting a cold by washing your hands frequently, maintaining a strategic distance from close contact with debilitated individuals and not contacting your face with unwashed hands.

However, the time when we are sick from cold and cough, we sneeze and cough heavily and without knowing proper habits to do t correctly, we will only be risking the people around us to more danger. Now that coronavirus is still out there, it is crucial that we learn how to sneeze and cough safely. Here are some tips that can help: –

  • Go away to sneeze or cough – We arent exactly sneezing or coughing continuously. Also, we get a few seconds before we sneeze or cough. Use that time to move as far as you can from the people around you and sneeze/cough there.
  • Use a handkerchief – If you don’t have the accessibility to move to someplace where no one else is there, you can always sneeze in a handkerchief. sneezing/coughing in the handkerchief restricts the flow of germs into the air and keeps others safe from your infections.
  • Use your elbow – Many people have the habit of using their palms to block their sneeze and cough. They later use the same hands to handle different common surfaces such as smartphones, door handles and taps which end up spreading the virus. Use your elbow to cover your mouth when sneezing.
  • Hold your nose – It may be impossible for some people, but holding your nose with your fingers when you feel like sneezing can stop the sneeze. You can then relocate yourself or visit the nearest washroom to clean your throat and nose.
  • Prefer use and throw tissues – Use thick tissues to wipe your nose and cough into and wrap them so you can throw it away. Unlike handkerchief that stays on you, you can throw the dirty tissue away in the bin and keep everyone safer.
  • Ask people to keep a distance from you voluntarily – It is not a crime to be sick. It is not your fault that you have to sneeze and cough. However, it is your duty to warn your colleagues or family about it so that they can remain safe and not get infected. Ask them to keep a distance when they make contact with you.