When youngsters fall hopelessly in love for someone, what exactly have they fallen into? The appropriate response is, into the profundity of caring more intricate and convincing relationship than they have known previously. They don’t involve with a solitary relationship, that enchanted match that incorporates sexual fascination, common delight, enthusiastic knowing, social similarity, delicate thought, actual love, companionship feeling and sentimental fervour, all joining to make a feeling of mindful, responsibility and culmination that make the other individual the perfect one for you. They fail to establish such a bond with someone.

However, not only today’s generation is ignorant about true love they have no clue about where to gain this love from. This is why people need to teach today’s generation everything they can about the sentiment called love. Here’s why we need to teach the kids about love: –

  1. They find it in the wrong place – When a child doesn’t receive enough attention or love at home, he/she tries to find it somewhere else. It can be their friend or someone they just met online. They go all out by getting overwhelmed with the relationship and fail to understand that true love is about knowing each other properly first.
  2. They don’t know what love is – We may have often seen that teenagers rush into their feelings and act without considering anything practical in their life. They misunderstand crush or feelings of liking as love and express it likewise only to face heartbreaks in the future.
  3. They can be fooled – Since they don’t understand what love is, they can be easily fooled and taken advantage of by their peers. They can be given false hopes of affections and deceived into being helpful for someone else using them.
  4. They will develop hatred – People who are aggressive and violent by nature weren’t the same always. Everyone as a child is innocent and controlled in nature. It’s their developing stage that matters the most. That is when we are supposed to love them the most so that they understand that in this cruel world, they will always have their family to love them if there is no one else.
  5. They will provide ill advice – If a teenager knows nothing about love, they are bound to pass the same assumed and miscalculated thoughts to their friends who will blindly follow the misleadings and end up in despair.
  6. They fight with their siblings – While the positive fighting about who gets to control the TV remote is good since it only brings them closer after mending up, but the more savage fights that are developed among the siblings over petty issues are something we should be concerned about. These fights only grow because of the lack of love among the siblings and hence they fail to understand each other’s feelings.