Schools and universities were closed down in the second week of March as a precautionary measure to contain the widespread of COVID-19. In September now, we are as yet discussing whether to resume or end the lockdown. Aside from affecting the fate of 32 crore youthful students, this has likewise pushed teachers to reshape the component of bestowing education on the students. Some prompt alternatives included moving teaching system online on an untested and exceptional scale, directing on the web appraisals on experimentation premise, making content appropriate for long-distance learning utilizing innovation and devices among others. Be that as it may, changing to an ‘online mode’ has had a lot of difficulties. Here are some ways of how online learning is compromising a student’s education: –

  • Limitations on technology – Online teaching system may have advanced features and components to make the learning more effective and successful but there are still many students who don’t have a proper device or internet to attend lectures online and gain knowledge. Also, most of the teachers are new to this online platform of teaching and they face difficulty in teaching some concepts to the students online, further compromising their education.
  • Math – Almost every student has to learn at least the basic math to proceed in any of the fields of studies. Even when teachers are trying their best, it is still very very difficult to teach math through the online system. There are some concepts or theorems that must be thought on a blackboard and students must practically see how a particular problem is being solved for better understanding.
  • Lack of practicals – Every school or institute has a session in their curriculum for the students where they perform practicals or experiments based on their subjects. The basic idea behind taking students in the lab is that some topics have to be showed to them or taught them personally. Practical learning is very important in a child’s education which the online system fails to provide.
  • Classroom interaction – Students must be able to discuss the subjects or a particular topic of study during their free lecture or break. This helps them get different ideas or perspectives from their friends and helps them understand the concept better. It also makes them competitive and encourages them to pay more attention to their teachings.

Whatever the compromises are, it is still our last and the best option to provide students with education. We have to use some means to teach the students and online system seems to be our best choice because something is better than nothing. However, teachers must take a note that after the school’s resume, they have to re-teach some concepts that are hard to understand online.