Cricketers in India live a very luxurious life and with a rich lifestyle. However, their road from being a gully cricketer to a professional cricketer is full of obstacles and difficulties. Cricket is supposed to be “God” in India and is one of the most loved games. It is likewise viewed as one of the most extravagant and most famous games in India. So, it’s a given that numerous youths are seeking to make a career in being a cricketer. With enthusiasm to be a cricketer in their brain, frequently these adolescents are in the problem whether to give more significance to academics or cricket? But even if you are thinking about managing both sides simultaneously, there are some things you should understand about what makes a cricketing career a difficult one.

  • Huge competition – Cricket in India is not just a game. It is filled with excitement and emotions. This is why thousands rather millions of youths try to pursue their goals in being a successful cricketer. This makes it a highly competitive game and the selection becomes highly rare. So, unless you possess a talent that is rarer than your chances of getting selected, it is a huge difficulty to get chosen in this huge competition.
  • Multiple levels to clear – To reach the top level you must first clear several bottom levels with an ace. You are supposed to start your cricket journey from your early days in the school itself. You have to play on your school team. As you grow up, you should be playing for your college or at least a district level. Then you must be selected by the cricket association of your locality. You must play leagues like Kanga league and Ranji Trophy. If you perform well in all these formats, you can make an opening for yourself to be selected in the IPL and later on in the Indian Cricket Team. You cannot jump levels here; you have to complete every stage.
  • Must be financially prepared – It’s not like you must have a rich background to become a cricketer. Being a cricketer requires you to spend a lot of money on your accessories and other things. A professional kit is of utmost compulsion. You need to but multiple sportswear and a white cricket outfit to be able to play cricket. You will need to buy cricket shoes also called spikes. Cricketing requires you to visit multiple places for practice sessions and matches which requires travelling cost. And all these extra expenses, while you are paying for your education, make it anything but difficult to be able to provide for yourself.
  • Huge criticism – It is all well and good until you are performing well. But there will come a time when you will see yourself out of form. That is when you will be criticised and forced to believe that you shouldn’t have chosen cricket. This later affects your thoughts and degrades your performance even further. If you are not prepared to handle criticism, cricket is not for you.
  • Perfect fitness – Virat Kohli, Manish Pandey, Hardik Pandya, M.S Dhoni are all examples of how fitness plays a key role in being a successful cricketer. Just batting well or hitting big sixes isn’t enough. Just bowling high-speed bouncers or Yorkers isn’t enough. You must have the endurance and strength to be able to stand on the ground for 50 or more overs. Test cricket requires batting almost all day. Apart from bowling and batting, you should also be an exceptional fielder to make in the team. That is why you should maintain your fitness and physics which is a difficult task.
  • Injuries – Playing with a ball that is as hard as a stone or a rock will always result in injuries. You should be able to endure this pain and fight back. Bowling fast deliveries may often lead to back pain or severe injuries are given a vigorous bowling action. Also, while batting if a fast delivery hits a place that is not covered with a guard or a pad will severely injure you. You should be able to absorb this pain to be able to succeed.