The International Day of Peace otherwise known as World Peace Day is praised each year on September 21 by the United Nations. It is committed to world peace, and explicitly to empower the nonattendance of war and chaos. On this event of International Day of Peace, we can all try some motivating motion pictures which talk about spreading harmony and perceive the endeavours of the individuals who focused their life towards spreading and elevate the common relationship to stop violent behaviour. The objective of observing the International Day of Peace is to spread the message of harmony and amicability so that the common objective of world peace can be accomplished by cooperating towards the equivalent. Here is the list of movies that promote peace: –

  • The Whistleblower (2010) – Nebraska cop Kathryn Bolkovac agrees to a UN peacekeeper position in post-war Bosnia. In any case, because of a surprising new development, she discovers an illegal exploitation ring that gets her out of her activity. Taking a chance with her own life to stop the ring and spare the unnecessary casualties, she is resolved to blow their operations.
  • One Peace At A Time (2009) – The world is without a doubt a wrecked place. Would we be able to fix this wreck? The film ‘One Peace at a Time’ discloses to us the narrative of activist John Pipkin who is on a worldwide excursion to investigate how singular nations settle their issues and are meant to give fundamental rights to each kid.
  • Gandhi (1982) – This biopic follows the life of Mahatma Gandhi otherwise known as ‘India’s Father of the Nation’ who was an attorney by profession. However, he played a significant part in India’s freedom. He began a cross country mission of peacefulness to free India from the terrifying snare of the Britishers in a quiet manner. Featuring Ben Kingsley as Gandhi, this peace advancing film is an absolute necessity watch for individuals with an enthusiasm for history or social liberties.
  • Shake Hands with the Devil (2005) – This movie is all about Canadian General Roméo Dallaire’s unheard endeavours to deflect slaughter as the administrator of UN peacekeepers during the Rwandan genocide.