You can’t help who you experience affectionate feelings for (or like) with. It simply occurs. Also, you can’t simply flip a switch and choose to kill those sentiments, not regardless of whether you land the ideal job at the other end of the world. Nobody goes into a relationship trusting it will be long distance (if you do, we ought to most likely talk about it at least). Be that as it may, in the event that you wind up in one, you’ll simply need to take advantage of an essentially horrible circumstance to make the relationship work. Long-distance connections are particularly extreme since you need to only depend on correspondence to keep your bond solid, and that may require more work than the normal relationship. However, the scene is different if it is a long-distance casual relationship.

Casual relationships are less complicated and messy than serious relationships. There are no feelings, emotions or compulsions involved in it. It is purely based on satisfying each other’s needs whenever any one of the two requires it. Mostly it is just getting physical. But maintaining a casual relationship which is also a long-distance relationship sounds highly tricky. Majorly because the basic needs for a casual relationship remain unfulfilled. Even so, you can still try some obvious options to try to make it work.

Visit your partner’s place or have them over at your place as much as you can. Try seeing each other every weekend and spend every second together. You can send each other your pictures and snaps. In a serious relationship, it would be advisable to call and talk more often but for a casual relationship that is also a long-distance relationship, talk or chat less. Focus more on practical things like trying to meet as often as possible and sharing photos. However, if you don’t feel the joy or spice of the relationship, it is best to pull the plug on it. It is meaningless to keep something going if it is not going to work and eventually end anyway.