Clean water is something that is necessary. In such a scenario, the problem is exacerbated in homes where the water quality is poor and there are no RO or filter facilities. About 70% of the population still regularly drinks tainted water. Drinking unclean water can also cause a number of ailments. We’ll explain how to produce your own RO so you can prevent these illnesses.

Let us inform you that making your RO at home would just cost you 40 rupees. This RO is unique in that it doesn’t require a machine or electricity. You can drink completely pure water by using this technique.

Keep these things.

1.Tidy soil



4.Bottle of water

Discover how to create RO at home.

Cutting an empty bottle down is the first step. You can also use a heated knife to cut a hard bottle. The bottle will open from the bottom and cutting it will be simpler as a result.

1. Knot the fabric

The water bottle’s cap needs to be taken off at this point. You must knot a cotton cloth after removing the hat. Always remember that any cotton fabric you knot is clean.

2.”Coal ash”

The coal powder must now be poured into the bottle from the back side. Coal ash lime must be added in sufficient quantities to dissolve thoroughly.

3. Add dirt in addition to sand.

You now need to fill the bottle with dirt after laying the coal pad. A layer of the earth must be present as well. The sand layer will now take the lead. Place a layer of pure sand inside the bottle.

4. Throw stones

Now gradually add small stones to the bottle to create a layer. Don’t fill the bottle with water all at once; instead, begin slowly pouring it in. Water can be added gradually to pass through each step.

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