Excerpt: Has your once-happy relationship soured into arguments, resentment, or simply avoidance? Here are a few simple things you might want to undertake if you really want to rekindle the intimacy and camaraderie in your marriage.

By the time you reach your forties, relationships may have lost their spark because partners may have taken each other for granted, work may have taken precedence, and life may have taken over. Marriages and relationships are hard work and they require constant efforts, forgiveness, and letting go of grudges to last. The relationship becomes poisoned as a result of poor communication, mounting resentments, and eventual bitterness, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t miss the first spark you felt as a married couple.

Build strong friendships with your spouse, which are often the basis of romantic relationships, if your once-joyous relationship has devolved into arguments, resentment, or just avoiding one another. Remember the in-depth conversations, romantic picnics, brisk strolls, endless adventures, and happiness you shared with your spouse when you two were first dating?

Then, somewhere along the line, the busyness of married life caused you to lose sight of that friendship. Unfortunately, your marriage’s passion has died out since you don’t have a close friendship. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, life coach, astrologer, and tasseography Sheetal Shaparia offered some advice on rekindling your 40s’ flame.

1. Pay closer attention – This doesn’t require a showy gesture. Begin where you are and work with what you have while paying attention to them. We enjoy conversing and sharing our ideas and theories. Stop doing it and concentrate on your companion.

2. Don’t pick on your partner – Relationships quickly deteriorate once nitpicking over minor matters becomes a habit. Don’t criticize your partner for every error they make. Having discussions about significant issues will help you let go of less important ones.

3. Spend quality time together – The majority of individuals think that living together and having fun are synonymous. Even if you spend all of your time with someone, you can still feel distant from them.

4. Pursue your own interests – Don’t get bogged down in keeping your relationship commitments. You remain the same. Have your own identity and activities, as well as pals.

5. Be more intimate – Studies indicate that having active sex life contributes to relationship happiness. Be connected, vulnerable, and emotionally intimate with your lover. This entails letting go of grudges, making your relationship a priority, and working on it every day.

Source: hindustan times

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