There are different situations in day to day affairs. In some cases we need to interfere, in some situations we need to argue, and in some situations, we need to react aggressively. But there are many situations where you need to keep quiet, tackle situations better, and avoid conflict. Often staying quiet is quite beneficial. Here we look at 7 such situations where we must stay silent.

After true mistakes

While doing anything or any action, if you commit mistakes and you realized that, it is advisable to keep your mouth shut. In the moment right after such things happen, you can make wrong accusations or comments. By refraining from commenting, there are chances of you avoid falling trap. If at all committed mistakes defend yourself against any accusation.

If you know secrets that could work to your advantage

If you are in such situations where you know something which improves all kinds of progress, but it is damaging the well-being of someone, don’t say anything. Staying quiet could end up benefiting you more in the long run.

 During arguments

At the time of anger, we tend to lose control and there are chances of using bad words or filthy language. It is advisable to keep quiet at the time of arguments. It’s never a good thought to say something when you are upset. Debating is good with any kind of people, but if it is becoming an argument you should keep quiet. It is challenging but you need to make habit of it.

 If you have no idea what others talking about

Sometimes it happens that during debate or discussion at some point, we realize that we don’t know anything about the topic. In such scenarios, it is better to keep quiet.

When you are the expert

All your expertise should not be disclosed everywhere. It should be disclosed at the proper place. For example at the time of lunch, you aren’t supposed to show your workplace expertise. Wait for opportunities.

When being asked about love life

While at the time of discussion someone asks about love life, be careful, and better keep quiet. If you feel the need to comment on this topic, better talk to your best friend or your partner.

When others are gossipping

Gossiping happens everywhere, workplace, in meetings, or while having a casual discussion. It may be like entertainment or fun. But it is advisable not to involve in talking about others. Just keep quiet and listen. It may be a little uncomfortable but you will feel better later on.

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